Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wonder-weeking wonder...

We're wonder-weeking in this house at the moment.... and its completely FASCINATING!!! You may have noticed that I'm a real information hoarder, I love it and research things up to me eyeballs. When I'm interested in something, I've got to have the books. And now the apps. Only problem is finding the time to get through it all. 

At the moment, I have the following next to my bed, all of which at some point or another have been dragged to the lounge, the kitchen, the computer room, and dare I admit, the toilet! as I grab pockets of time to fill my boots with reading.... 

-Blogging for dummies: Not yet opened
-Mom blogging for dummies: Not yet opened
-The baby-led weaning recipe book: on page 15
-The baby-led weaning cook book: Not yet opened
-Baby-lead weaning: Almost onto chapter 6 (of 8 chapters)
-Your self confident baby: More than half way there
-What to expect: The first year: currently on pg 322 of The Fifth month (I've just covered 'Starting the Cup)
-The Wonder Weeks: I've just finished Chapter 6 on Wonder Week 19: The World of Events

But its Wonder-weeking that I'm on at the moment as MiniMr will be 21 weeks on Saturday so he's right in the midst of Wonder Week 19, which can run for anything from one to six weeks. 

Anyhoo, I noticed last week that he's feeding really badly, mostly in the day (how can 2 minutes on the boob possibly be enough??) and that he's pulling his ears again (how many visits to the Dr for potential ear infections can this mommy make??), and that his settling for sleep has got, well, very unsettled. He also reached for both Mr and I on Saturday at different times when he was being held by people he wasn't familiar with, he's become rather demanding of mommy's time, and he adores the 'little boy that lives in the bathroom' aka his reflection in the mirror. And I'm sure he knows who I'm talking about when I mention daddy... he's eyes light up and he becomes super animated. But, I'd been so busy with general day to day stuff like washing, cooking and baby looking after that I hadn't had chance to read where he was at in this 'leap' even though I knew it was on the radar... at the very same time as the notorious '4 month sleep regression'. BTW - a lot of the above I was blaming on teething.... which I understand will get blamed on for everything from now until 3 years old! 

Well, last night, I pulled the wee pink book out and lo and behold... all the very things I'd noticed - and sometimes been worrying about e.g. feeding!! - was all there in black as white as signs that he's experiencing 'The World of events'. And this my friends, is why I love information. I was utterly fascinated by how on track his development was. Not from a 'Wow, he's so clever, watch him go!' perspective (although, if I'm honest, I have those moments too) but from a 'Wow! How about someone has studied this and ALL babies will be going through a range of this at the moment!'. Just frecken FASCINATING!!!! So after this 'leap', our wee little man will really be his own person for the first and no longer think that he's an extension of me or his dad. He'll explore his surroundings with renewed gusto and I'll no longer be his only toy. Basically, he's a man looking for action!  

And the thing I'm most looking forward to from this leap.... when he responds to 'Leo' for the first time. 

PS For all new moms, do yourself a favour and grab a copy of 'The Wonder Weeks' by Hetty van de Rijt and Frans Plooij. You won't regret it.    

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