Saturday, December 12, 2015

I've moved my rants... over here. (

Hope to see you over that way for more fun and blogging games.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Annual check-in, yo!

Welcome to my annual check-in! Kind of seems that way at the moment with the frequency of the posts, huh?? Not sure where all the time goes.... Oh, wait... yes, I do - work, Leo and boring life stuff like cooking dinner, shopping, housework and sleep! 

There's been a million times where I've thought to myself, 'I totes need to blog about that!!' but like a lot of things in my life, it happens completely in my head and no where else. My head is a REALLY busy place.... and super fascinating!

But I know what you're mostly wondering about and that's the status of my world famous and much anticipated book!! 

Well, the truth of it is that after the renewed hiss and roar of my last post, things kinda fizzled out again! I did finish the edit and its currently sitting with my sister editor... who is a million times worse than me when it comes to getting things done. (Love you sis, but need I mention 'Top Shop' eyeliner! And mom is still waiting for the copy of your passport).  

So, making my MILLIONS as an author is still on the back burner to be honest... although I have submitted to the odd agent this year, and most recently Harlequin....So who knows, the big 'Hey, we'd love to print your book - it's AWESOME!' email might yet arrive.  

Man, it just makes me so sad to think that it might never get printed... but at least I know there was a few peeps (bless their cotton socks - you know who you are) that took the time to read it all and let me know that they loved it. And if it never gets printed, at least I know that it was read and loved by a small handful and not just me.

The other thing that I did and then seemed to lose my mojo (I'm just going to stick with the 'I'm a mom' excuse!) is create my own domain -! Isn't that cool!! But again, there's been a lot of activity in my head... but not so much where everyone else can access it. Which is such a shame... cause man on man - I LOVE WRITING!! And I love sharing it... so blogging is like, the perfect thing ever! But I find that when I do have a spare second, it's mostly huddled up and reading something or other. Ha ha. Quite funny if you think about it. 

But I suppose that 2016 is a bright and shiny new year... and might well be the year that I make it as a full time writer! 

Fake it till you make it, baby!