Saturday, March 17, 2012

A new year, a new (fill in the blank)

Holy f*ckballs! Someone turned off the lights and when they came back on... it was 2012!

Not that i entirely mind as 2011 – regardless of my rantings on what a great number it was/is (still sort feel that way... 11 11 11 11 ... such flow!) - sucked the big one! My diary entries started
off with a hiss and a roar, petered out from around march, and was practically blank from june! I’ll be happy as a mofo if i never ever, EVER have to repeat another year like that. I worked my frecken arse off, packed on the pounds, lost about 6,ooo words on my manuscript and didn’t really achieve much of anything outside of work! I honestly felt like it was just NEVER GOING TO END! But, like all things, it did... and i’m not ashamed to admit that when i walked out of the office for xmas break on Friday, 23 dec, i cried! Yes, real tears of sheer relief.

Results of said terrible year is that i’ve noticed that i’m a bit gun shy in 2012, and as soon as i feel like my work pile is getting up there, there are rumblings of anxiety and heart palpitations. But,
i quickly remind myself that i’ve now got an amazingly supportive team and am no longer rowing a leaky boat with no rudder and only half an oar through a tsunami. That kind of helps the hysteria.

Good old yin and yang is always in place though and all was not lost...
I may have lost 6,000 word on my 2nd book (i still clearly feel the cut of that pain when i think about it) – but it’s what led me to try Screenplay writing, which i’m really enjoying!
I may have put on at least 8kgs by rekindling my love of the perfect brioche and anything with empty calories – but it made me realise the damage i’m doing by putting so much sh*t into my mouth (Kris Carr can take credit here too)
I may not have done as much work as i’d have liked on my spiritual self – but i did take some key steps on that lifelong journey (Thanks, Melissa Bult!)
I may not have felt like i was going to get through in one sane piece that wasn’t completely anxiety addled – but i did, and it reconfirmed that i do have some amazing inner strength.

So, bottom line – it’s over and 2012 has arrived! And what a big year it’s meant to be...already notorious and coming with its own press and PR, its sounds like a good’un if we can make it past 21 December. But, see, that’s the thing about these things... you just never know until you’re on the other side.

Books i loved in 2011:

‘Your voice in my head’ – Emma Forrest
AMAZE! I could not put it down... loved
it! Emma Watson has been cast in the movie, and i cannot wait to see what she’ll do with this meaty content.

The Hunger Games ‘Mockingjay’ – Suzanne Collins
I was a little slow on the uptake here... i read the first 2 books in 2010, bought the 3rd when i came out but wasn’t inspired enough to read it straight off. By the time i started it months
later, i couldn’t recall what had happened in book 1 and 2, so started them again and... LOVED IT! My books are now being circulated at work as everyone gets into it in anticipation of the first movie instalment next week. I’m not that keen on the casting of Peeta (he’s shorter than me!) but the jury is out until i see it... will keep you posted!

Game of Thrones series – George R.R Martin
OMG – sucked in, hook line and sinker! I actually watched the HBO series first from a recommendation and because i love that sort of sh*t so much, i rushed straight out and bought the first 4 books... and they DID NOT disappoint! I cannot wait for HBO’s next series to start on 1 April - it’s already diarised! Shout out here for Tyrion Lannister... Peter Dinklage doing an amazing job with my fav charater!

The Mortal Instruments Series (Book 1-4...more to come) – Cassandra Clare
Just my usual weakness for paranormal romance... total escapism trash... hmmm, ‘nuff said! Did also start the Infernal Devices series (Book 1 and 2) but think i preferred TMI.

Conversations with God (Book 1, 2 and 3) – Neale Donald Walsch
Love. I learn something every time i pick them up. The wisdom leaves me well overwhelmed... it just has to come from a higher source, it’s just too clever not to! Read them yourself though and make your own call.

‘The biology of belief’ – Bruce H Lipton
Another one that got my brain tick, tick, ticking. Some pretty thought provoking observations. And it wasn’t that complex either, meaning that my wee little brain could keep up. He talks ‘ordinary peeps’ rather than ‘PHD peeps’.

Hmmm... yes, those are the ones that i can recall right this minute.

So, that’s me for now.

Kiss kiss love love


“Called or uncalled, God is always present.” - Erasmus