Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Vinegar and baking soda... it HAS to be done!

Now I know Wednesdays are usually reserved for some really cool stuff I've seen online.... ah, wait a minute, this totally hits the mark 'cause the ole vinegar and baking soda trick is pretty ah-maze!! 

Let's just start by saying that I'm the WORST housewife ever. I love a house that sparkles and shines... its just that I'd prefer someone else to do it all for me. I'm a pretty good 'straightener upper' though and am forever plumping the cushions and stacking the (dirty) dishes into neat rows.

I've also been on the 'eco products' band wagon for years.... although the cleaner I most recently had (oh, how I miss you Jo!) kindly asked me to please buy the 'heavy duty stuff' so that she could do her job properly without any sort of elbow or shoulder dislocation from the scrubbing required. In my experience though, it all takes some serious elbow grease regardless of product... and its all sooooooooooo mind - and arm - numingly boooorrrrriiiinnnnggggggg!!!!

So I've wanted to try this vinegar milarkie for years - as in literally years - and finally got around to it this past week when I stumbled over this page. Since my my bath was kinda heading the very same way I got all inspired... not enough to add no fancy smancy orangey stuff mind you and just went straight up, hardcore vinegar. Although I did make a rather flash spray bottle by recycling the nozzle from something else and just tightening it straight onto the vinegar bottle. Gosh, there is so a domestic goddess deep down in there somewhere.

And like I said... pretty AH-MAZE!! It's so easy peasy, pudding and pie that I will absolutely be cleaning the bathroom this way again. And again. And again. And hello, non-toxic. Like, boom. 

Now I'm telling you that you simply must, must, must try this out for yourself - if you haven't already. And in that case... why haven't you shared this awesomeness???

So cheap, so easy, and so good for the environment. We're all winning!

I also cleaned my drains with the 'how to' from this site. And since I was on a bit of a vinegar bender, I used it as a rinse in my washing. Yuck. I hated it. Tried it twice and sucked both times. So I'm out on that count. But since I don't use softener anyhoo, we're still winning, people, we're still winning.

I can't want to hear how your experiences go... yay or nay, what did you think?

PS I hope my Pam's cheque is in the mail for the free advertising!  

Thursday, February 13, 2014

If only I could I would... NoMad Hotel, New York

Um, how could I possibly be in the state of New York... and not visit New York City!! Hello... isn't that, like, mandatory??

So its off to NoMad Hotel, New York City with the one person in the world I can always rely on to feel like cake (usually with extra cream), reruns of Sex and the City and really, really good champagne. She'll also do copious shoe shopping with me, has very different taste in men and has the dubious title of being me best mate.

See you there Karkabear! Bring on the big 4-0... yes, it will happen!! If only to say I told you so!!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

If only I could I would... Lake Placid Lodge

This is me - Lake Placid Lodge, New York.
Its all beautiful.
Every. Single. Space.
I'm at a quandary about what room I'd have to have.... but I'm leaning heavily towards Owl's Head Cabin. Di-vine.
If only I could I would...

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A galloping New Year....and Gretchen Rubin

I cannot believe that it's 2014!! There was so much hype around 2012 for soooo long, I just didn't think of any other years after it... so I'm always a little shocked when they arrive. It feels like only yesterday that we were all stressing about the YEAR 2000.... and yet, here we are... the YEAR 2014.  

A Seven year in numerology, this year is all about introspection... so pretty much looking within rather than without to find things that make us happy. Its also the year of the horse. The wood horse to be exact... and from what I can tell, its to be a rather challenging year for most of us 'cause it seems this horse likes to gallop, has way too much energy, and occasionally catches fire. I'm a dragon and Mr is a rat... word on the street is that neither of us should expect an awesome year. But in the end I suppose, it's what you make of it... you know, free will and all that. So there's no reason why you can't make it EPIC and give that little wooden horse the finger.  

Why not start here with your epicness... 

I've spoken before on how much I enjoyed Gretchen Rubin's "The Happiness Project"... its a GREAT book and I can't recommend enough that you take the time to read it if you can. Her website if also chokka full of awesome stuff so pop over there is you can too. Its because of Gretchen that I remind myself daily, while knee deep in my very own 'Motherhood Project', which often feels scarily ground hoggish and mundane, that the days are long but the years are short. So I make a conscious effort to really try and enjoy every nappy change, every breastfeed and every time we sit down for a snack ... because one day I just know I'll miss it. 

Anyhoo, Gretchen has recently launched 21 day happiness projects. That's kind of perfect! Twenty one days is exactly how long it takes to make a habit.... she so must have known that!! You can actually try 'The Relationship Challenge' for free and then decide if you would like to try one of the other four options she has on offer. It goes without saying that I'll be signing up for the know yourself better and de-clutter one. I'm currently trying the relationship challenge though and am on day five. Its easy things like remembering to kiss your partner every morning and night. Real simple stuff. But its usually the simple stuff that gets forgotten in the madness of day to day life. 
So why not give it a go and see what you think... it may just be the first step in one of your best years EVER!