Sunday, November 30, 2014

Write, submit, repeat...

Well, hello there! How are things for you on this last day of November?? Can you believe that this time tomorrow, IT'S DECEMBER!!!! That's crazy town!! (Note to self: dig out #elfontheshelf)

Actually, it doesn't have to be December to be crazy town in my world... it already is all the time!! As in totes cray-cray. Now that I'm doing a lot more hours for World Travellers (you better still be reading those travel blogs, people!!), I seriously have no idea where the time goes. No one can ever fully understand how looking after a little person can suck the time (and sometimes the life!!) out of you until you have one to call your own... it's frecken exhausting being a mama. Particularly one that still breastfeeds. Four hours feels like a full night... I SHIT YOU NOT!!!! 

But, but, but... motherhood in all its glory (and there ARE good bits, like you know, the actual child - TOTALLY ADORBS!!!!) is not what I'm here to discuss today. I'm here to tell you that I've decided to get back onto the writing band wagon and try to get my first book published again. Or I'm going to publish the damned thing myself. I hate to think of all that blood, sweat and tears wasted... or more importantly, Elle, Daniel and J.T never seeing the light of day. I loved writing it, so surely someone else will love reading it too. Surely. Surely. Ok, so maybe it doesn't work that way but goddamit - I WANT MY FRECKEN BOOK PUBLISHED!!!!! 


I've started sending it off to agents again. And am getting the 'no's' again. But I just keep repeating to myself that my writing is 'smart, snappy and fun to read' (that's what Danielle Chiotti told me and she totes knows her stuff). That's right - smart, snappy and fun to read! We need more of that in the world, and less of 'I'm going to slit my wrists 'cause that story was so frecken sad' (I'm looking at you, Jodi Picoult). I just can't read that stuff anymore... reading is too real for me, and I can't shake it off for days, weeks, aggeessss. I get into a fug and it sucks. So I don't do it anymore. I read light hearted and funny and happy ending. There's the occasional strife, a little, a tad, nothing major... but the end is good. And that's what I want. Happy. Lovely. Fuzzy-like. Something that's smart, snappy and fun to read. Fiona Walker and Sarra Manning, you do this for me. I love your work. Your stuff probs won't win no Booker prize, but it wins my Booker prize. And that's what I want to do; I want to be someone's booker prize. So, I'm just gonna do it.

Or maybe, Choc Lit will do it for me as I submitted my story to them... and choc-late has always come through for me before, so I don'y see why not this time. :)  

And for your personal enjoyment today, here's my back cover... 

Smart, snappy and fun to read. 
Write, submit, repeat. 


Just like in every little girl’s dream, Elle Jones has been swept off her feet by a rich and handsome prince. Now if only his damned wedding ring would stop snagging on the corner of her ‘happily ever after’!

Elle has a very simple plan - open her dream shoe store and take London by storm. Her plan however does not include a chance meeting with soccer superstar and living god, Daniel Blake, that turns her world upside down. Not that anyone can really blame her; it isn’t everyday an ordinary girl gets to claim ‘People's Sexiest Man Alive’ for two years running as her own. Well, almost all her own since theoretically she’s sharing him with his wife.

Even after several near misses with the paparazzi, a few unexpected meetings with her lover’s wife, concerned friends trying to set her up, and the exhaustive planning for the launch of her new store, Elle is sure she has it all under control. Until a few too many drinks and a bad decision gets her arrested - in nothing other than some highly inappropriate underwear and ridiculously high heels - and the front page of every major newspaper.    

Now Elle has to decide if ‘almost all’ will ever be enough.