Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love Wednesday...

Once upon a time, I looked on with envy at other people's shoes. Now, its car seats and buggies. My latest  'eye spy' was a Maxi Cosi car seat of a girlfriend that came over to visit.  It's seriously the sexiest of sexy seats ever... now I'm just trying to convince my hubs that its the type of sexiness I HAVE TO HAVE on my back seat. (Please note that if our car was a person, it would be on the pension... so it will take a lot of sexy to sex it up!) (Oh, and we already have a car seat!)  

I adore books, and before MiniMr arrived, I spent a rather embarrassing amount at the Book Depository. I spend a less embarrassing amount with them now but recently purchased a Peter Pan pop up book by Robert Sabuda as a gift that genuinely took my breath away. It was absolutely magnificent!!!  The Alice in Wonderland one looks utterly enthralling too. I'll definitely be purchasing soon for my own book shelf. 

Right next to books is my obsession with really nice stationery. Is there anything else in the world that compares to a beautifully wrapped gift, or hand written thank you card? Well, yes, I'm sure there is but still, its pretty cool. Toodles Noodles get this. They're awesome.     

If you have a little boy, or know anyone with a little boy, you'll often hear them lament that girls' clothes are far more exciting than boys'. This is true, so it's a delight to find somewhere like Harlow Clothing that makes some pretty cool duds for boys. Those little black sunnies and grey skull shorts have MiniMr's name all over them. Adorbs! 

I know that I'm soooo late onto the train for this one, but I've fallen in love with the Pandora concept and have asked Santa to please make sure that I have one under the tree this year.

And last, but certainly not least, if you love, love, love your slow cooker like I do (thanks again Rach!), then you sooo need to try McCormick Slow Cooker packet mix. There is always at least one, if not two, in my shopping every week and so far they are all dee-licious. 

Enjoy hump day Wednesday. xx  

Monday, November 25, 2013

Is there a doctor in the house....

I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. And rather dramatic too. Soooo, not really the best combination for a calm and peaceful existence. Seriously, the shit that goes on and the scenarios that I create - ALL IN MY HEAD - are astounding!!! Luckily, Mr is the complete opposite and often calms this runaway train down. It was probably madness then on my part to throw into the mix a precious and gorgeous, but in my mind, utterly vulnerable, baby. O.M.G... total mayhem in the head space!

The craziness started while I was pregnant. I had my 1st scan at 7 weeks - yes, 7 weeks people!! - because I was so paranoid about losing this wee peep. Of course, the scan was fine... turns out that you can be a bit crampy and then not. And then a bit crampy and then not. All totally normal. One would think that after I' d passed the dreaded 12 week mark, I'd calm down. Oh no. I then accidentally listened to the words of Ed Sheeran's 'Small bump' and that sent me on a whole new tangent. My problem is that I need the information about what's worrying me - so that I can spot the symptoms/first shows/whatever - and so I research the bejeebers out of said concern, becoming slightly obsessed. Then I freak myself out because I believe so strongly in the Law of Attraction and 'your thoughts create things', that I go in completely the opposite direction and totally avoid ANYTHING related to said obsessed topic, while in reality, it still simmers under the surface. Its not a good system as you can imagine!!!

Great news though! MiniMr arrived in one whole and healthy piece. 'Sorry, what was that about SIDS?? And what are the stats?? Around 60 die in New Zealand a year! Wow! That's a lot.' And then starts the mind jabber, and here we go... I over research, freak myself, step away, ignore but still quietly freak myself out. Like I said, not a good system.

So I've been stressing about the first time MiniMr gets sick.  So much so, that I kept him away from 'society and its filthy germs' until he was 12 weeks old, and now spend what I consider a unreasonable time at the doctors... I'm starting to get quite embarrassed every time I see MiniMr's doctor! 

Ear infections are my latest obsession. We've been twice already for that and no, there was nothing. And then last week, MiniMr had a very unsettled night, more crying than usual, wouldn't go into his cot, just not himself. He seemed to have another cold, and craddling/pulling of the ears was taking place. Now, that's why I took him the first two times, you see... but apparently, at this age, they've just kind of found a new toy to pull and tug on so its not necessarily sore ears, plus they can't actually identify where the pain is... they know that they are uncomfortable, but they wouldn't know its their ears, if you get what I mean. 

So, I nearly didn't go to the doctor (see me trying to NOT be the drama queen!) but after another weird, and snotty, crying spell, I thought I'd phone the nurse instead and just have a chat. Just in case. She suggested I might as well come in, because, you know, rather be safe than sorry (one of my all time favourite justifications for health obsessions!). Well, HE HAD AN EAR INFECTION!!!! Poor little guy is hardly four months and already on antibiotics, which I despise, so I was feeling very sorry for myself. And MiniMr. And also a bit guilty because I just KNOW that this was the Law of Attraction in action. Thank goodness he's now had the effin ear infection and I can move onto other worries... like if the cramps I'm feeling is the return of aunty Flo and how this will affect my breastfeeding. Now what does Dr Google say about that, I'll just have a quick wee little look... 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Love Wednesday...

Guess what?? 

I've done most of my Christmas shopping. Yes, feel jealous! Go ahead. I know you are. And it was all without stepping into even one single mall, which at Christmas, as I'm sure we all know, is its own level of torture.

Our Christmas list has progressively grown over the last four years from one wee lone niece, now 14, to six nieces and nephews and two god children... all under four. And MiniMr of course, which at all of five months, really did not require the majority of gifts I've got for him, or probably any. But, the truth is, I COULD NOT HELP MYSELF! I adore Christmas and can't wait to start creating traditions that MiniMr will look forward to every year. My online 'mall cruise' found some real wee gems, some of which I've shared with you below:

I loved these personalised doodle mats, just perfect for creative little hands. A few are in Santa's sack for my nieces and nephews. 

I love books... its one of my favourite gifts to give! This range totally tickled my fancy, they are just soooo cute and soooo cheeky. Love it. And we all know that kids love anything with the word poo in it. 

Now, I know I've jumped the gun on this one but I just love, love, love Elf on a Shelf... and so I purchased one for MiniMr!!! What?... I might have forgotten about it when he was of age and then what??

How adorable are these coats?? They make something really mundane but necessary into something a little bit exciting. Love. 

And on the subject of zjushing up everyday items, check out these fabulous pencil holders/handbags/treasure keepers? I don't think that I'll ever be too old for one of these, Santa.   

So off you go and spend money to support the economy... I'm doing my bit!   

Monday, November 18, 2013

Huia aroha...

Having a baby has meant that on the weekends we get out A LOT  more in the day than we ever did. Probably something to do with the enforced early starts and that your time isn't really your own anymore... so long gone are the leisurely layins for half the morning followed by hours spent cruising Etsy and Pinterest and then a couple of DVDs and a takeaway.

Since it was such a lovely day in Auckland on Saturday, the three of us jumped into the car and headed to an old favourite -  Huia. We actually hadn't been there in AGGGEEESSSS and now that I think about it, MiniMr hadn't been at all, not even while in utero. When we lived out west, we used to go there quite often, but since we moved more centrally, the visits have been few and far between. So few and far between in fact that on arrival at the Huia Store (circa 1886), I was blown away by the changes as its now under new management and has the cute factor in bucket loads.

To be honest, I was always quite partial to it anyhoo and most visits included a burger and shake, but the new decor has really lifted its game. The only downside now though is that the burger and chips have gone gourmet, with the price tag to match. We got 1 x cookie, 1 x burger, 1 x shake and some wedges for $33... so a bit more than the average take-away. But, forewarned is forearmed, and since we only seem to make it out there every couple of months now, I'll save my pennies and fork out those Auckland prices as the food was pretty good, the service super friendly and the surrounds right up my alley. 

If you do decide to head that way, grab your grub takeaway to enjoy it on the beach, or have a meal in the ole-school surrounds and then get an ice-cream to enjoy at the water instead. Make sure though that you have a cardi as from my experience, its always a little cool down there.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And while we're on poop...

... check out this awesome advert for a rather interesting product. For reals. No jokes. I reckon this could save marriages. More deets here.  

I love poop...

© Paulbinet | Dreamstime Stock Photos &Stock Free Images
Well, actually, that's not true.... in fact, poop kinda grosses me out! It grosses me out so much that I don't think I could ever have any sort of pets because the idea of picking up their poop makes me feel ill. In fact, when I see dog walkers picking up their dog's poop in those little plastic bags and then TYING it to the dogs collar, I vomit a bit in my mouth. And while we're on that subject, isn't it a bit mean to tie the dog's poop that close to its head, which is the location of its nose?? Just wrong I tell you.

I'm also wholly unable to change the poop nappies of the small people in my life. And don't get me started on the toddlers... this bending over to have their little bums wiped after number twos elicits a serious gag reflex from me!!! I just CANNOT do it. I'm not even a huge fan of my own poop to be honest. I quite clearly remember being shocked when I watched a programme that said I should be checking it out before flushing for health purposes. No thank you. I'll just hope that there are other symptoms and warning signs to tip me off because eyeballing my poop WILL NOT BE HAPPENING!!

But then my wee boy arrived, and I became slightly obsessed with his poop. No amount of colour or volume seems to deter me and each one is looked over (studied??) before being disposed of. Strangely, it's his father that will not change his brown nappies... the very same man that once scrapped dog poop off his drunken brother's shoe with a twig!! (Yes, there is more to that story but that's all we need to make my point at this stage). And it seems I'm not alone in my new mother infatuation with copious websites available containing plenty of descriptive details, forums and pictures - yes, PICTURES - of what baby poop should look like.... all of which I've studied in detail. And let me tell you, when it comes to baby poop, there is a lot of variations of 'normal'.

You see, babies go through these stages....

-First, there's the meconium. This is black and tarry and lasts for the first few days. I can't really recall this stage in much detail as I was in such a daze.
-Then they move onto a very liquid, mustardy type poo that's a little seedy (this applies to  breastfed babies because, yup, you guessed it, bottle fed are totally different!). I remember these poops well; its hard not to when there's basically one in each and every nappy you change. Every 1-3 hours. All day. And all night. I especially remember the one that shot across our cream bedroom carpet like a well shook champagne bottle after a badly timed leg lift to wipe the precious backside of my newborn!!!!!!! That was fun at 1.30am. Not.
-And then you get to around 8 weeks or so and some babies (yes, only some, not all... and its totally normal!) start to go less. And less. And less. Apparently, if a baby is breastfed, its totally normal for some to NOT go for up to 2 weeks!!!! Now, I'm no expert... but that sounds NUTS!!!! Who eats and eats and eats and then doesn't poop. No. That just can't be comfortable. But, apparently  - 'totally normal'.

So, MiniMr got to around 8 or 9 weeks... and no more 'every nappy' poops. Weird thing was, he seemed to be pushing all the time. His favourite place to do this is on the breast. That's right, in effect, my son likes to poop while he's eating. Which is VERY amusing to watch as its a damned challenge for anyone, let alone a newborn whose still working things out, to SUCK and PUSH at the same time. And here's another interesting poo fact for you... its around this age that they have to start learning to push as it doesn't just sort of... well, drop out anymore like it used to I suppose. So they need to learn to push but relax their bums. One suggestion to teach them this mechanism is to massage their wee little backsides. As in literally their poophole. Mr's face when I told him this was priceless. He added something about it being good 21st birthday story fodder, and declared that he would under no circumstances be massaging his sons butthole. Ever. The other suggestion was a warm bath, with a warning to watch out when they come out. Crazy. Also, don't confuse delayed poos with constipation. Yes, easy error I know. But they are quite different.  

Anyway, long story short, MiniMr still does not go everyday. So when he does, its a good day in our house. I love poop days. More for me than him... he seems utterly unconcerned about it if he poos or not. Even after five days of working on a delivery that literally filled 2 nappies, 10 wet wipes and a plastic disposable bag. And I wasn't at home. Of course. But he pooped, and that's a good day. 

FYI - today was a good day too. Twice. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

So, I had a baby...

Yes, that's where I've been.... instead of blogging, I was working on getting myself knocked up (with some help of course from the hubs!) so that  I could have the dubious honour of saying I'd pushed something larger than my head (but thankfully a little more malleable) out of my wahoo. And then, surprise surprise - I HAD A BABY THAT I WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR 24/7. As in all day, everyday, for every single minute. 

And it's turned my life upside down! 

'Ah, tell us something new!' I hear you yawn but its so incredibly true. This is the God honest truth.... YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE A MOTHER UNTIL YOU'RE ACTUALLY A MOTHER. And its RELENTLESS

Yes, that was meant to all be in caps. And bolded. 

It is bloody hard work. I'm a fully independent 36 year old woman that has lived away from home - as in more than a car ride - since I was 20 years old. And I cried for my mother like a little bitch, all the while trying desperately to keep it together on a mere few hours sleep and be a mom to this gorgeous wee little package that they'd let me leave hospital with and that fully owned my arse!  

Now that I think about it... pretty much from the moment I saw those glorious blue lines confirming my pregnancy, the little man has owned me. I could no longer eat what I wanted to (summer without soft serve it just not the same), I had gross morning sickness - that should actually be called 'all-day sickness' - that made me feel like I was permanently hung over, up until about 18 weeks. And for the 1st time in my life, I knew what it felt like to NOT have an appetite but have to eat because I felt sooooo sick. And I could no longer drink tea. 

Then that passes. Eventually. Although I couldn't drink tea again until after the birth. 

And that's when I started having problems sleeping. I, who can pretty much sleep anywhere, anytime, would lie awake in bed for aaaaggggeeeesssssssss, just willing myself to GO TO SLEEP! I swear, even during the very worst of my anxiety a few years back, my sleep - thankfully - was unaffected. And here I was, as wide awake as a meerkat after a red bull. And that never got any better; my sleep was shit through my whole pregnancy. And now that I'm not pregnant... I still get none! 

And then there was the weak bladder and - look away now if you're squeamish as this is definitely TMI - constant damp knickers! I near wet myself more than a few times after a cough or sneeze, once at the same time, so that when my waters broke, the 1st thing that came to mind was that I'd eventually done it and actually, literally pissed in my pants! But no, it was just my waters breaking 16 days early and on my last day of work. Luckily, it was 4.30am and I wasn't actually at work yet. But I did miss out on my morning tea and instead walked around at home like a leaky teapot for the rest of the day since I was one of only 10% of women whose waters break but don't go into labour. That fun started about 24 hours later and will need a post all of its own! 

But I've survived those hideous, awful, disruptive, soul destroying, sob-a-mania first 14 weeks and come out on the other side without killing either of us. Go me! 

And you know what; its such a cliche and I used to want to clock anyone in the mouth who told me that it would be... but it really is all worth it. 

Although at this point, my gorgeous wee boy will be an only child.