Monday, November 18, 2013

Huia aroha...

Having a baby has meant that on the weekends we get out A LOT  more in the day than we ever did. Probably something to do with the enforced early starts and that your time isn't really your own anymore... so long gone are the leisurely layins for half the morning followed by hours spent cruising Etsy and Pinterest and then a couple of DVDs and a takeaway.

Since it was such a lovely day in Auckland on Saturday, the three of us jumped into the car and headed to an old favourite -  Huia. We actually hadn't been there in AGGGEEESSSS and now that I think about it, MiniMr hadn't been at all, not even while in utero. When we lived out west, we used to go there quite often, but since we moved more centrally, the visits have been few and far between. So few and far between in fact that on arrival at the Huia Store (circa 1886), I was blown away by the changes as its now under new management and has the cute factor in bucket loads.

To be honest, I was always quite partial to it anyhoo and most visits included a burger and shake, but the new decor has really lifted its game. The only downside now though is that the burger and chips have gone gourmet, with the price tag to match. We got 1 x cookie, 1 x burger, 1 x shake and some wedges for $33... so a bit more than the average take-away. But, forewarned is forearmed, and since we only seem to make it out there every couple of months now, I'll save my pennies and fork out those Auckland prices as the food was pretty good, the service super friendly and the surrounds right up my alley. 

If you do decide to head that way, grab your grub takeaway to enjoy it on the beach, or have a meal in the ole-school surrounds and then get an ice-cream to enjoy at the water instead. Make sure though that you have a cardi as from my experience, its always a little cool down there.


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