Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Love Wednesday...

Guess what?? 

I've done most of my Christmas shopping. Yes, feel jealous! Go ahead. I know you are. And it was all without stepping into even one single mall, which at Christmas, as I'm sure we all know, is its own level of torture.

Our Christmas list has progressively grown over the last four years from one wee lone niece, now 14, to six nieces and nephews and two god children... all under four. And MiniMr of course, which at all of five months, really did not require the majority of gifts I've got for him, or probably any. But, the truth is, I COULD NOT HELP MYSELF! I adore Christmas and can't wait to start creating traditions that MiniMr will look forward to every year. My online 'mall cruise' found some real wee gems, some of which I've shared with you below:

I loved these personalised doodle mats, just perfect for creative little hands. A few are in Santa's sack for my nieces and nephews. 

I love books... its one of my favourite gifts to give! This range totally tickled my fancy, they are just soooo cute and soooo cheeky. Love it. And we all know that kids love anything with the word poo in it. 

Now, I know I've jumped the gun on this one but I just love, love, love Elf on a Shelf... and so I purchased one for MiniMr!!! What?... I might have forgotten about it when he was of age and then what??

How adorable are these coats?? They make something really mundane but necessary into something a little bit exciting. Love. 

And on the subject of zjushing up everyday items, check out these fabulous pencil holders/handbags/treasure keepers? I don't think that I'll ever be too old for one of these, Santa.   

So off you go and spend money to support the economy... I'm doing my bit!   

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