Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's the ordinary things...

So, yesterday afternoon, I left Mini Mr with his dad and took off to go to THE MOVIES!!

Yes. The actual movies. And it was glorious. 

There wasn't really that much on... I tried to get into 'Maleficent' (!!) as it was the first movie showing when I walked in but lucked out. So I opted for whatever was showing next...and it happened to be SEX TAPE! I agree, neither of these were mind-blowing choices. SEX TAPE got absolutely panned on Rotten Tomatoes, even with the audience score which does tend to be more lenient. And I can't stand The Jolie. I really can't. But I didn't care, man... I WAS AT THE MOVIES!!! I was taking what I could get. 

I purchased my frozen coke and popcorn (both small but actually not 'cause nothing is truly small in the world of fast food anymore - but that's another post) and I settled in. I tweeted. I sipped my coke. I ate my popcorn. I didn't call home.

The ordinary from way back when is no longer so ordinary. We've been on a break. But there I was again, more than a year later, doing ordinary. Nothing too flash or OTT... just me, myself and I enjoying an ordinary movie.
And it was frecken MARVELLOUS!!!!

Again, I agree. That movie won't be winning no Oscars. But I did have a giggle and the light hearted comedy, although mostly cliched and unbelievable - I mean, who exactly takes their kids to a bust into a porn server location? - was exactly what I needed. So thank you Cam and Jason. I really did love spending my free afternoon with you.

And yes, I really do need to try and add more of the old ordinary into my life as I create a new ordinary for me and my wee family.

Now, back to making wee sandwiches as we're off to a petting zoo today! Yay.

PS I hope you're keeping across my blogs over  at World Travellers... the latest one is about food and travel... combined! One of my favourite things.