Saturday, September 15, 2012

Good night, Mr Watson--wherever you are

It is said that in this world nothing can be certain except for death and taxes. Yet tax is so much easier to deal with, and one I’d take any day over death…. it’s the death part that’s the real bitch.

I got news this week that one of the guys I'd practically grown up with had died. He was there all through primary school, all through high school and all through a number of years after that. He was funny, and sweet, and really, really cheeky. That was his charm, and that is what I’ll remember the most.

But then I moved away from home and eventually overseas… and all that was left of those years was memories and faded photos I’d occasionally drag out when nostalgia hit. I can’t even remember the last time I saw him, or even when we spoke - it’s been more than 15 years at least I’m sure – but mutual friends had always kept me in the loop.

And then along came Facebook and reconnections were made. I’d see photos of him and smile. I'd laugh out loud at some of the comments he’d make and 'like' them. It was good to know again what was happening in the lives of those that had once been such a very important part of my own. And even though we weren’t as tight as we once may have been, I liked knowing that he was out there somewhere, living his life and just being the special guy I remembered from childhood. I liked knowing that although new memories were being made for both of us, we’d always be inextricably linked by mutual ones that can never be forgotten. And now I’m just so terribly, terribly sad that there will be no more memories for him.

So, Scotty, where ever you are, know that you will be so very missed by more people that you could ever imagine. And when you catch up with Henry, let him know that we miss him too. xxx

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Flight of the Conchords... and their 'colution'!

I frecken LOVE THIS!!!! Admittedly, i'm quite partial to these dudes and think they are beyond genius - it's this sort of sh*t that makes me believe that even more - plus anything with kids, just being kids, and allowed to say what the hell they want to - is AWESOME!!! It's the 'colution', it seriously is! Watch and enjoy... and please donate to this worthy cause if you can.