Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love Wednesday...

Once upon a time, I looked on with envy at other people's shoes. Now, its car seats and buggies. My latest  'eye spy' was a Maxi Cosi car seat of a girlfriend that came over to visit.  It's seriously the sexiest of sexy seats ever... now I'm just trying to convince my hubs that its the type of sexiness I HAVE TO HAVE on my back seat. (Please note that if our car was a person, it would be on the pension... so it will take a lot of sexy to sex it up!) (Oh, and we already have a car seat!)  

I adore books, and before MiniMr arrived, I spent a rather embarrassing amount at the Book Depository. I spend a less embarrassing amount with them now but recently purchased a Peter Pan pop up book by Robert Sabuda as a gift that genuinely took my breath away. It was absolutely magnificent!!!  The Alice in Wonderland one looks utterly enthralling too. I'll definitely be purchasing soon for my own book shelf. 

Right next to books is my obsession with really nice stationery. Is there anything else in the world that compares to a beautifully wrapped gift, or hand written thank you card? Well, yes, I'm sure there is but still, its pretty cool. Toodles Noodles get this. They're awesome.     

If you have a little boy, or know anyone with a little boy, you'll often hear them lament that girls' clothes are far more exciting than boys'. This is true, so it's a delight to find somewhere like Harlow Clothing that makes some pretty cool duds for boys. Those little black sunnies and grey skull shorts have MiniMr's name all over them. Adorbs! 

I know that I'm soooo late onto the train for this one, but I've fallen in love with the Pandora concept and have asked Santa to please make sure that I have one under the tree this year.

And last, but certainly not least, if you love, love, love your slow cooker like I do (thanks again Rach!), then you sooo need to try McCormick Slow Cooker packet mix. There is always at least one, if not two, in my shopping every week and so far they are all dee-licious. 

Enjoy hump day Wednesday. xx  

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