Monday, December 9, 2013

Once upon a time...

...I had all the opportunity in the world to enjoy a leisurely cup of tea on the couch with some biscotti and a magazine. Now its at the top of the stairs waiting for a teething babe to settle, with maybe a quick flick through the first few pages of a mag that's two months old, a few of sips of a partially warm cup of tea, and biscotti that would be considered breakfast. 

Once upon a time....
I never left the house without making the bed first. Now its a good day if I can get back in to it without getting tangled up in anything other than bedding.

Once upon a time...
I would never have worn something that wasn't ironed. Now, if it smells clean and looks clean, we're good to go.

Once upon a time.... 
I got ready for the day in my bedroom. Now its mostly in the hallway, spare room, or laundry, using whatever mirror I can find that's not fogged up.  

Once upon a time....
My dishes never piled up. Okay, that's a lie, they always did and its likely they always will! 

But once upon a time, I did not have this rolling around in the bed with me first thing in the morning, giggling with me at noon and snuggling at night .... so it seems like a reasonable trade I thought.
Over to you mamas... what has changed for you?


  1. Once upon a time I complained when I didnt get my 8 hours of sleep, drink my 3 glasses of red wine over dinner or read a book for hours without end.

    Now....I have a little bundle snuggling next to me in bed babbling away, grinning at me!