Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa's in da house....

Ho, ho, ho. I frecken love Christmas! Love, love, love it! I think its because I'm slightly obsessed with creating traditions and Christmas gives you a truck load of opportunity to do just that. And of course, Christmas is one of the most exciting times if you have a baby... I can now create some awesome Christmas traditions for our family! In reality though, what's likely to happen is that I'll get totally overwhelmed and do nothing. But right this minute... THERE IS SUCH PROMISE!!!!

I can't say that I've started the way I mean to proceed with all this family tradition stuff. I failed miserably at getting Xmas cards out this year - as I have for like, well, the last 10 years or so. I used to make all my own Xmas cards. For real. And then suddenly, I didn't. So this year, MiniMr's first, would have been a GREAT time to get started on that again and send out a homemade card with him on the front dressed all cute and stuff, like a Christmas log or something. Oh, I thought about it. I thought about it heaps. But I NEVER DID A THING!!! For once in my life though, it wasn't plain laziness - babies keep you busy, man!!

I'm on some great mommy sites on Facebook - shout out to all the mamas that are reading this :) - a lot of which are American and man oh man... they do traditions like nobodies business. I've had card envy, tree envy, Santa envy. In fact,  I've had Thanksgiving envy, Halloween envy, you name it envy... I've had it. They just do this stuff so well. Their Santas at EPIC, and the family photos just rocking. It makes me WANNA BE AMERICAN!!!

But back to my reality and the real world, I'm now trying to get some Salt Dough ornaments made (as you all know from a previous post, I'm yet to use the plaster of paris kit I bought to immortalise MiniMr's feet and hands!!!). I must, I must, I must. Its not that hard for goodness sake. And the tree. That was a major 'Should we start getting a real one or just stick to the old trusty artificial tree that has served us so well for the last 10 years or so??'. Lordy, that dilemma bounced around in my head for WEEKS while I talked to people about it and all the pros and cons. Eventually, I just pulled out the frecken tree and put it up. Not like MiniMr is going to know any different at the mo and it might be nice to change to the real thing when he's old enough to be asked his opinion. And then there was the Santa photo...Do I take him to the flashest place in Auckland to do one, and wait a million hours in the queue with screaming kids and disgruntled parents? Or do I just take him to the local shopping mall because again.... ITS NOT LIKE HE KNOWS WHAT'S HAPPENING. Anyway, his father told me that we're not fancy people (although I secretly fancy myself just that) and off we went to the local mall. Well, SANTA NEEDS TO GET A NEW JOB!!!! I'm not sure who looked more somber in the photo - MiniMr or Santa, who was evidently rather over it and already thinking about the cold beer waiting at home. I even had to ask for MiniMr's gift... from the photographer!!! I WANT AN EPIC AMERICAN SANTA!!!!

Anyhoo... on the bright side, the photo is done, the advent calendar was bought (MiniMr had a wee chew on the corner and then moved on) and he's got a Christmas Eve outfit and Christmas Day outfit so its not all a complete fail. And, there'll be another Christmas around in a mere 365 days. Ooooh, and then I'm going to do it all.... homemade cards with a corny family photo on the front, a Christmas book for every night, a homemade advent calendar with teeny tiny gifts, Xmas pj's for the whole month, Salt Dough ornaments for all and sundry, maybe the tree will even be real. Ooooh, and... and... and....   

Here are some great Christmas Tradition ideas that I loved and thought I'd share with you:

-Homemade Christmas Advent calendar, with small and personal gifts
-The Christmas stocking, with one gift that stays consistent, eg socks, or an orange, or a bar of white chocolate.
-Christmas book Collection, either in a basket under the tree, or individually gift wrapped so that every night is a surprise as to what book will be read. Start buying a book a year and your collection will be rather meaty in no time.
-The Christmas Bake-off, where the whole family gets together and bakes awesome treats for neighbours, teachers, co-workers and such as gifts.
-The Christmas lights tour, every town has one street that is awesome... make it a tradition to drive along it as a family. Or, why not become that street
-Christmas Eve = one gift to unwrap before bed. With cocoa. And Christmas songs. Love.
-The Tree Trimming, where everyone mucks in and gets that tree put up. Again, cocoa and carols a MUST! 
-The Big Christmas Clean up, an awesome way to get de-cluttering (you know the saying - one in, one out). Plus, by donating good and in working condition stuff to charities etc, you'll also be paying it forward 'cause you know that other saying, 'One man's trash is another man's treasure!' 
-Christmas PJ's, either a few sets that are worn every night on the lead up to the big day, or a special pair that only gets worn on Christmas Eve. Extra points for the families that wear matching. 
-Special Christmas Decoration, where every year  you either allow your child to chose their own decoration, or you choose one for them, and it gets presented to them at the Tree Trimming. Or, here's an even better one... DIY it!! 

What traditions do you have?? I'd love to hear them. 

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