Friday, December 20, 2013

If only I could I would....FIJI!

I love travelling and have done a fair bit in my time but not nearly enough to satiate my wanderlust! There is still sooooo much that I'd love to see and do and just hope that I'm blessed with enough years to do it all in. As I used to work for LUXURY Holidays & Corporate Travel magazine, I got a bit of a taste for the truely sublime and breathtaking.  But now that I'm otherwise occupied with a pint sized little dynamo (yes, let's blame him for the lack of travel!), I thought I'd treat myself with a regular post called 'If only I could I would...' of where I'd be galavanting if money, time and all other restrictions fell away. 

This week, I'd be on a flight to Fiji with family in tow. I'm feeling like a wee lie on the beach, or around the pool with a (virgin) cocktail is EXACTLY what I need. The plane would be dropping me off at Dolphin Island... actually, no, the plane would drop me off at Fiji International and from there I'd transfer by float plane or helicopter.... I'm not really fussy! And this is what would be waiting for us...

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