Thursday, December 19, 2013

Love Wednesday...

Rather late than never... and its Wednesday somewhere in the world!  

This week, I got a contribution little readers! Oh, yes, we're seriously on our way to hitting the big time now! Thanks Mz Bex for flagging Stickygram - an awesome site that promises to bring your Instagram photos to life by allowing you to get them printed onto iPhones, iPad covers or magnets... I mean, is there a better way for the world to see how amazingly talented you are behind a camera?? And, hello, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. Boom. I'm sold.

On the fabulousness of the world wide web, wouldn't it be cool if there was an app with ideas on how to amuse your almost five month old. Hold up.. there is one! Welcome Knoala! The website claims to 'Raise happier kids'... now I'm not sure about that but it sure keeps them happier if they are entertained! Basically, after you've registered, you load all your kid's deets in and where you're based (that's so that they don't give you summery stuff and its -13 degrees outside) and it will suggest activities. Its totally genius I tell you as I often feel like MiniMr and I have rehashed the same songs, funny faces and toys over and over again. Check it out, a total must have for anyone that often has ankle biters on their hands. And just as an aside, the video on their home page makes me a bit teary eyed. Stupid mommy hormones!

Its summer in this part of the world, so along with glorious days comes not so glorious FLIES!!!! Now, I know we're meant to love all of God's creatures alike but I am so NOT a fan. And since we've got MiniMr, my usual line of defence in the aerosol can is not an option. So I purchased a Bug Zapper. And here's the thing... it really works. Not as easy as a quick spray since you have to hunt them down, zap them, and then locate their stunned little bodies to dispose of. And the smaller ones are HARD to catch. But still, sooooo much better than having six of the little fockers swarming around me while breastfeeding. And it works for pretty much everything with tiny wings.

Why oh why oh WHY did we not have uber cute linen like this when I was growing up?? I had a crocheted bed cover and I just know - JUST KNOW - that I would've been happier and had a whole bunch less hang-ups if only I'd had this princess duvet to go to bed with at night. Oh well, I'll indulge my childhood fantasies through my wee boy... I'm sure he won't mind a princess duvet!!! (There is in fact a rather fabulous astronaut one for boys!)

And just because its Christmas, and I just know there are some of you that will be furiously wrapping pressies at 11.10pm on Christmas Eve... only to realise that you forgot the tags. Well fear not as now you can MAKE YOUR OWN. Check it out here. Okay, maybe not really ideal at almost midnight but still cute!

And last but not least, I bet you've been wondering ALL week what's caught my eye on Etsy. Well, wonder no more because here are my little bits of deliciousness...

I'm not sure what's with all my winter picks since its SWELTERING in Auckland at the moment, but how adords are these little baby boots! All together now...'Cuuuuttttteeeeee!"

And I just know there is someone out there that's freezing and ABSOLUTELY requires these little beauties. There are also mo' ones, heart ones, dog ones, even Christmas ones... basically something for everyone. 

Then there's this awesome shop that sells teething paraphernalia. A little bit cute, a little bit quirky, a whole bunch of 'Add to cart please'!

And that's that for another week. 

Um, I don't think there will be a 'Love Wednesday' next week since its likely I'll be comatose from stuffing my face. And the week after is New Year... but then its all systems go! 

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