Sunday, March 27, 2011

My dirty secret....

Right, here it is... this might make or break our relationship but all of us have something we're a little ashamed about but love anyway. At least mine isn't something like... say, i enjoy wrapping my bits in glad wrap and then electrocuting myself, or wearing other people's dirty underwear that i've stolen from a laudromat!

Instead, my dirty secret is that i love the Twilight Series. Yes, yes, i've heard it all before. Whatever! I love it, and i think that Stephenie Meyer (even though that wrongly placed 'e' in her name does make me raise an eyebrow) did an amazing job.

And i love the movies too. I actually saw Twilight before i read any of the books. I was flying to Melbourne, there was nothing else to watch, so i gave it a go and just loved it. We had some really bad turbulence, and i was like, please God, can you keep this plane in the air at least until i see the end of this movie. Of course, the books were purchased at the airport on the flight out.

I've even did the midnight screening for New Moon and Eclipse (not again though, i don't think i'm Twihard enough!). And that's HUGE for me 'cause i've never allow myself to get sucked in this sort of thing - way TOO cool for school - HP was blah (great writing though), the Spice Girls never floated my boat (although i love Brand Beckham now and secretly want to be BFF's) and i never owned a Cabbage kid or anything gimmicky like that. But still, i'm counting down for Breaking Dawn... One and Two (hello, money spinner!)

And then there's Rob Pattinson. The man is frecken gorgeous, there's no denying it (although i don't think he's even remotely like his character, unlike KS - who i have a love hate relationship with). Excitingly enough, he even sneaks in as acceptable on the cougar scale (divide your age in half, and add 7) which means i can legitimately fantasize about him and not get arrested. I like his acting too. Yes, really. I loved 'remember me' and can't wait to see 'water for elephants'.

But even i, who loves the series, is an absolute supporter of SM's vision, and have spent my fair share of $$ on the franchise, am just sooooo amused at how completely crazed some of the fans are.

Seriously, people, IT IS JUST A STORY! I know, I know, really hard to believe that vampires aren't running around secretly (hopefully i won't regret that statement in a few years down the track) and that it's all pretend. BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS AND THAT IS THAT IT IS JUST A STORY! (BAM! How's that word play!)

Which is why things like this amuse me sooooo much. Are these people GENUINELY arguing on amazon -with strangers - about the authenticity of Bella's pregnancy (Oops, sorry, may have spoilt that for some... my bad!)?? Really? Really?? Reaaalllllllyyyyyy???

And then there's shit like this, and this. And this! People, at the risk of getting a twihard whipping myself, it's pure fiction, pure and lovely escapism trash. You do not have to threaten people's lives over this or attack those that aren't as fervent as you are. Love it by all means, adore it, go ahead, but please, come, join us in the real world again. It's actually not a bad place to be.

Right, my piece said i've got to go and board up my house now for my own safety.

Kiss kiss love love

P.S To validate if you might be a Twihard, please check the description here. However, if you are feeling waves of anger and potential violence towards me, no need to check - I think we can safely assume you're one.


  1. Love your review Bon, when is breaking dawn coming out?

  2. this made me laugh out loud!!!!!!

    I have to say I am not a fan of the Twilight books, but the movies. yum. so much naked man goodness ;)

    I have to admit - my sister and I went to the midnight screening where they showed the previous two again. Twilight marathon! It was quite fun...