Friday, May 7, 2010

Oops! I missed April....

Um, has anyone seen April.... I seem to have mislaid it??? How can it be May... how, how, how??? But here she is, in all her Taurean beauty. Two of my favourites have birthdays this month.... David Beckham's was on 2 May and then the ever gorgeous and bashful Rob Pattison's is on 13 May. Wish I was jumping out of their birthday cakes in just my birthday suit!

The time might have flown by but that doesn't mean I haven't been reading - and watching DVD's - like crazy....

My favourite book in a while would have to be Snap happy by Fiona Walker.... I just loved it! It was great... I could so see it being a movie... it would be PERFECT for that! I may even attempt to write that screenplay myself one day. I loved her writing so much that when I stumbled on another one of her's at the library called Four Play I was super excited but it was just ok.... and really, really long winded. Regardless, Juno and Jay kept me enthralled with their antics in Snap Happy.

I tried to read Lisa Jewell's 'The truth about Melody Brown' but I got bored and stopped reading!!!! Yeah, there was some really positive feedback on this book of hers but it just never grabbed me. I sort of put it down and thought I'd try again later but I haven't been inspired to pick it up again.

Instead, I got enthralled with Colleen McCullough's 'The Thorn Birds'. I stumbled over it at the library and grabbed it more out of nostalgia than anything else because I could still remember the mini series from when I was about 11 or 12 years old and have often thought of Richard Chamberlain in the lead part over the years. But, apart from having said some crazy shit (note to Colleen - it's ok to think some stuff, but don't say it out loud - hasn't helped Germaine Greer one bit either!) that lady can sure write. Some of the more descriptive scene set-ups I flipped through, but it was still a damned good book. Superb!

I'd hardly finished that when one of the girls I work with (lovely Elba... her favourite book is One Hundred Years of Solitude.... in spanish - I didn't even make it through Love in the time of Cholera in english! Although I loved the movie!) suggested I read Michelle Holman's 'Bonkers'. I was dead keen (hey, that's a pun!) because there aren't may writers like that in NZ. I really enjoyed. Quite a clever concept actually... it's about 2 women who have a car accident and one gets sent back down... only to land up in the wrong body! There were some parts that made me roll my eyes but on the whole it was good, and I even laughed out loud in some spots...especially the opening scenes.

And then I finished the second book of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games Series - Catching Fire. It was still clever but I didn't love it as much as the first one. Will be interesting to see how it finishes up in the last one (I think it will be...) that is out August.

I'm currently on 'How to lose friends and alienate people' by Toby Young. I'm riveted... especially since he claims that it is totally based in real expereinces. As someone who would have loved to work on a glossy magazine in New York (next life time!), its so so so interesting... But, just like 'The Devil wears Prada', it's confirmed my suspicions that I'm too much of a lazy bitch, and much to chubby, to actually have made it in that world. I mean, I put make-up on ONCE - in the morning - and not again until the next day! And my hair dry's NATURALLY!!!! Without product.... they would have chewed me up and spat me out! But a great read!

Don't think that I mentioned that I caved at last and joined Fatso ... since my dearest beloved study's ALL the time, I thought I might as well amuse myself in other ways. And boy oh boy... I am LOVING it. At last, I got to see Entourage and I so badly want to roll with the boys all the time! Love, love, love it.... even the man was having extended breaks as he got sucked in! But then some bastard got the first DVD of the 4th season and sat on it FOREVER!!!! So I moved onto Gossip Girl... so torn.... am I secretly in love with Chuck - there is something REALLY sexy about his appalling attitude and bad taste that really works - or with Nate... those eyes, prrrrrrrrr! Adore Serena.... she's living my life! Her lip gloss ALWAYS looks good and you never, ever see her bobby pins! After I finished 'The Thorn Birds', I, of course, had to get the miniseries and now making my way through that. There is something so romantic about the homestead lifestyle. My queue at the moment is sitting on over 100 DVD's.... so that should keep me going for AGESSSSSSSSSS....

Also went and saw Remember me.... man oh man.... that was sad as! Brace yourself if you haven't seen it. I was so upset about his wee sister (kids are SO cruel!) and of course the end... sob, sob! Great photography though.... loved how the last scene worked. Also saw Alice in Wonderland... was alright... loved the special effects... just awesome!

Ah, and then... my own writing??? Slow... that's how I'd describe it.... very, very slow! It's much easier to write about shagging a hot soccer player like in my first book rather than about death which is a major part in my second book. I had to change tact a wee bit.... get some interest and then maybe I can get my beloved first book printed too. The annoying part is that it's really good (if I do say so myself)! My darling friend Lucie in London, who reads like crazy too, has just finished reading it and had this to say....

I have just finished your book, I absolutely love it!!! It is perfect, it isn't like a 'run of the mill' rom com, it has a real twist (And a lot of steamy scenes!). I can actually see it being a film, on the big screen. It is wonderful.

It's those sort of comments that are keeping me focused on my dream of getting published. Thx Luce... miss u, luff u!

I am actually writing with Danielle Chiotti in mind at the moment...she sent me a wonderful 'rejection' letter and I'm so hoping that 'Book no 2' might tickle her fancy.

Right... starting to see double so best go to bed!

Kiss kiss love love.

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