Friday, October 2, 2009

C'mon... let's get with the programme gang!

I think that I might actually have my query letter done! 

I knew that it would happen eventually, that everything would fall into to place... but holy hell, it has been more stressful than writing the whole book! And I have no idea how it will go either, but it feels good in my gut.. and that as much as I can ask from myself.  

So, I have my first wee list of agents that I am going to query and you know what stood out to me the most... that you can query almost every single agent in the USA with an email... in fact, some of them don't even accept 'snail mail' anymore. But in the UK, out of the whole list that I made, a grand total of 2 accept email queries and NOT EVEN ONE in Australia. 

That is nuts!!! 

I totally understand if you need to read a whole MS, then a paper submission makes complete sense but for the initial query... C'mon.... surely you get a feel within like the first, what, 10 pages if the book is making your waters move around in anticipation??? Just seems such a waste of resource and energy for everyone involved to not do email queries. 

Or do I just no idea and talking out of a whole in my head???


So, I think I am going to send it all this weekend.... I just have to put a synopsis together and we are ready to role on through to fame and fortune.... 'cause that's how it happens... yes?  

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